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Since November 1985, La Rocca Exprés, S.A. designs, manufactures and distributes espresso coffee machines and some other machinery related to the hospitality industry.
Our experience allow us to offer a product designed for the intensive use, easy maintenance for the technician and user comport.

Contact data:

La Rocca Expres, S.A.
Poligono Industrial Hda. Dolores, Calle 6, Nave 13
41500 – Alcala de Guadaira – Seville – Spain.

Phone: +34 955 63 09 07
Fax: +34 955 63 08 13
e-mail: larocca@larocca.es
e-mail administration: admin@larocca.es

Mr. Antonio Villaseñor starts in San Roque (Cádiz – Spain) the project that he has in mind after having been developing some espresso machines prototypes for Futurmat at his own studio located in Barcelona since the late 70s.

Mainly oriented at first to 1 group machines, La Rocca -which logo is taken from the Gibraltar skyline- starts catching the attention of the emerging spanish market.

The range of machines grows to cover all the models 1 to 4 groups, lever & solenoid groups semiautomatic, timer, electronic … while the Company is founded as Anonymous Society.

The problems that every new product has to carry on are solved to get a reliable machine very apreciated by technicians. The aim of every new model is to be simple to the user and to the technician that has to take care of the manteinance.

A new design and the company starts to be known outside Spain: Portugal, France, Belgium and Bulgaria are the first to test the new machines and the production increases.

The Company keeps growing day by day, this year is launched the rotonda series, late known as “Rocca Model”. The production lasted until 2007.

This year Mr. Francisco Borrego joins the Company as Sales Manager. The Verona model started to be designed as an unexpensive version of the “Rocca” model, keeping the functional features that proved to be reliable but reducing superfluous parts to optimize cost. The production started on January, 1996, and became a milestone for the Company. This model soon reached European, South-American and Australian markets. The demand saturates our factory.

In February, La Rocca Exprés move to Seville, to the new factory, 5 times bigger than the old one. This year is developed the JAVA Basic model, which starts the diversification of the Company. Soon will follow the JAVA Grinder, Combi and Combi-Dose, Milk Heaters, Toasters and many more products that covers a wide range of the coffee related needing.

A new model is conceived to pass the baton of the “Rocca Model”: The Estrella model changes the classic design of La Rocca & Verona to a new and modern look that includes all the add-ons available for the professional machines.

The Verona Compact-550, and the Estrella Americana increase the offer of professional machines, while we keep working on new projects.


From the first idea to the final product, there is a long process that assures good results.
The whole development happens at our factory, because we have the means to reach it, and we love to reach it.
Here in La Rocca we have developed many patents and we’ll keep you informed here about any applied improvement. Click here for the news.