The Java Pro III model is a professional machine with the standard dimensions of a 2 groups espresso machine but equipped with 3 groups. It is a “compact” 3 groups machine. It will allow you to reserve a group for decaffeinated coffee avoiding to pollute the group and filterholder with “caffeinated” coffee. You can also use the 3rd group for another format of coffee (capsules, pods) or whatever you need.



Main features:

  • The Java Pro III model is equipped with three groups with termosiphonic circulation and volumetric dosing device.
  • 2 steamers and 1 programmable hot water outlet.
  • Automatic water level in boiler.
  • 4 programmable doses each group.
  • Enabled to use any capsule/pod kit available for La Rocca Exprés machines. (see all kits)


Technical featuresA-I Java Pro III
Automatic machine - Programmable flux
Boiler volume (l)12
power (w)2,600
Dimensions (width)720
Dimensions (height)590
Dimensions (depth)525
Rotary pump
Standard finishingBlack / White / Red / (combined with Inox under request)
Automatic water load
AccesoriesAssistanceList of models

Catalogue Java Pro III
User’s guide

A-I Java Pro III (automatic) 3 groups
Colour:  black / white / red