Main features:

  • The Maxima espresso machine is available in 2 or 3 groups.
  • 2 Steamers and programmable hot water outlet optional.
  • Automatic control of water level in boiler.  Led indicator of water level in boiler.
  • High sensitivity blue-illuminated keyboard.
  • Enabled to use any capsule/pod kit available for La Rocca Exprés machines. (see all kits)


Technical dataSAM-I 2SAM-I 2 CompactSAM-I 3AM-I 2AM-I 2 CompactAM-I 3
Semiautomatic machine - Continuous flux---
Automatic machine - Programmable flux---
Number of groups223223
Weight (kg)524763524763
Boiler volume (l)1281712817
Power (w)
(Ask for higher values)
Dimensions (Front)720550960720550960
Dimensions (Height)510510510510510510
Dimensions (Bottom)550550550550550550
Built-in pump
Default finishinginox/black- inox/redinox/black- inox/redinox/black- inox/redinox/black- inox/redinox/black- inox/redinox/black- inox/red
Boiler level led indicator
Automatic waterload
2nd steamerOpt.Opt.Opt.Opt.Opt.Opt.
Programmable hot water---Opt.Opt.Opt.
AccesoriesAssistanceList of models

Catalogue Maxima
User’s guide

SAM-I (semiautomatic) / AM-I (automatic) / SAM-L (lever)
2/3 groups
Standard / Compact (only 2 groups)
inox-red  /  inox-black