Main features:

  • Verona model is available in 2 or 3 groups and 2 groups compact.
  • 1 steamer and 1 hot water outlet.  2nd steamer available by request.
  • Automatic water level control on automatic models.
  • Prepared to work with ground coffee (by default) or any other capsule or pod available for La Rocca Exprés machines. See all kits.


ModelsSA-Z 1SA-Z 2SA-Z 3A-Z 1A-Z 2A-Z 2 CompactA-Z 3
Semiautomatic Machine - Continuous fluxyesyesyesnononono
Automatic machine - Programmable fluxnononoyesyesyesyes
Weight (kg)44566845575269
Boiler volume (l)41217412817
Power (w)1.7002.6003.7001.7002.6002.5003.700
Dimensions: width (mm)340720960340720550960
Dimensions: height (mm)515515515515515515515
Dimensiones: depth (mm)545545545545545545545
Built-in pumpyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Default finishinginoxinoxinoxinoxinoxinoxinox
4 litres built-in reservoir - without need of water netopt.nonoopt.nonono
Automatic water load in boileryesopt.opt.yesyesyesyes
2nd steamernoopt.opt.noopt.yesopt.
RS-232 connection to PCnononoopt.opt.opt.opt.
AccessoriesAsistanceModels list

Verona catalogue
User guide

SA-Z (semiautomatic/pulser)  –   A-Z  (automatic / programmable)

1, 2 or 3 groups

Finishing:  Inox


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