What is a 'Home Barista'?

The Home Barista is a person who is passionate and enthusiastic about coffee, who applies Barista techniques and uses various types of devices for the extraction and preparation of coffee at home.

He is usually a curious and restless person, eager to learn and experiment. We could say that Home Baristas are the real "sybarites of coffee and its extraction".

The proliferation of specialty coffees, with increasingly professional and high-quality coffee preparation machines, is giving rise to the figure of the Home Barista emerging every day in homes around the world. A new movement, with a lot of potential, that is here to stay.

That is why at La Rocca we want to pay special attention to Home Baristas, meeting their needs and offering them a range of products and services designed especially for them.

What do we offer at La Rocca?

Some of our Home Baristas...

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Fully customizable wood finishes.
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Retro-inspired design.
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A compact and powerful machine that offers magnificent features and high performance to achieve the best espresso coffee.
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With the maximum guarantee of La Rocca. A professional coffee machine at home.
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New coffee grinder by La Rocca
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