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At La Rocca we design, manufacture and distribute espresso coffee machines and other machinery related to the hospitality industry.

Our experience allows us to offer a product designed for intensive use, but easy to maintain, simple for the technician and comfortable to use, which will surprise any barista.

Our Story


In the mid-1970s, Antonio Villaseñor directed a project development office and component prototypes for various sectors, including manufacturers of radio and television sets, printers, security systems... and, also, one of the only two coffee machine factories in Spain, with which he collaborated in the development of one of its new models.

As a result of this collaboration, he came into contact with the espresso machine manufacturing industry, awakening in him a great interest in this new sector. 


Villaseñor wanted to go one step further and explore the possibilities of manufacturing, entirely by himself, a coffee machine that would improve the features of what existed on the market at that time. It was then that 'La Rocca Exprés' was born. The beautiful view from his house to "the Rock" (La Roca) of San Roque (Gibraltar) was the inspiration to name his factory in such a way.


The years that followed were ones of great success and growth in production. The internationalization of the company would also come, as it began to export regularly to Australia, Morocco, Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and several European countries.

Furthermore, with the increase in production, the expansion of the factory became necessary and, in 1998, La Rocca moved to Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville), which is still the current headquarters.


From that moment, La Rocca began to diversify its catalog, developing machines more oriented to the domestic market (with 1 professional group), semi-professional machines with a built-in grinder, al also other accessories such as milk thermoses or cappuccinators.

In addition, a special system was designed and applied for the groups of La Rocca coffee machines that allowed them to be adapted to any capsule format available on the market.


At the end of 2018, with the intention of being able to meet market demand, La Rocca embarked on an important reform of the factory that was also accompanied by an expansion of the workforce and an increase in production that continues today, and that it didn't even stop during the 2020 pandemic.


Currently, La Rocca Exprés continues to work to remain among the most innovative and avant-garde companies in the sector, with novelties and innovations that are part of the history of the evolution of espresso machines.

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